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1. Hong Zhanhui, aged 23, a college student, is one of the top ten people who moved China in 2005.
2. He treated well/ took good care of his 11-year-old sister like a father.
3. He is highly praised for what he has done and what he is doing.

4. Poor as he is, he never gives up his studies.
5. Such is Hong Zhanhui, a poor but strong-minded and great person.


1. The other day I was playing in the park when I met a foreigner, who was looking very worried.
2. He thanked me for having helped him out of trouble.
3. Seeing the case, I jumped off my bike and helped the driver, whose car was struck in the mud.
4. Through our joint efforts, we managed to do it/made it/succeeded in catching the thief.

5. The badly hurt boy was rushed to the nearest hospital.
6. It so happened that I was passing there.
7. Five minutes later, some firefighters with an ambulance arrived.
8. It was the boy’s bravery and cleverness that saved the people on the train.


1. It is Sunday today. This morning we had a social activity---visiting a car factory/ a farm/ a theme park.
2. From the activity we have learned a lot.
3. We benefited a lot from the activity.
4. We can realize that science is playing a more and more important part/role in modern agriculture and industry.
5. From it we must enhance our sense of duty to protect wildlife and our Mother Earth.

6. While visiting, we thought a lot.
7. What an unforgettable experience!
8. Never shall I forget the activity!
9. This is the lesson we should learn.
10. Though tired, we felt very happy.


1. I read your advertisement in yesterday’s newspaper.
2. I think I can be the right/suitable person you want. I want to be a volunteer.
3. I know from it that you have a vacancy for a typist/driver/secretary, etc.
4. I am sure I am suitable for the job.
5. Besides being good at typing, I have fluent/excellent spoken English.

6. I want very much to apply for the job you offer.
7. I am very interested in the job.
8. If I can get the job/can be employed, I will try my best to do it well.
9. I am looking forward to receiving your reply.


1. I am writing to tell you that we will have a get-together/ party next week.
2. I am writing to ask whether you have made a final decision to study abroad.
3. I am glad to receive your letter/e-mail saying that you are coming here next month. I am glad to know that you have been admitted to your dream university.

4. Remember me to your family. Good luck!
5. Expecting your writing back


1. As we can see from the chart, the number of people who use mobile phones is increasing steadily.
2. As can be seen from the table, there have been great changes in the ways of people getting information.
3. Compared to the year before last, it is obvious that the number has fallen sharply.
4. Great changes have taken place since 2000.

5. The number stays nearly the same, indicating that reading remains an important way that people acquire knowledge or find information.
6. More and more people turn to the Internet.
7. Nowadays, people have changed greatly in their eating habits.
8. It is no doubt it is the quickest and most convenient way to do things.
9. Living in the country, people can refresh themselves, breathing the fresh air.
10. By riding bicycles, people can produce, in a certain degree, no pollution to the environment.

11. More people are rich enough to afford such things as traveling.
12. Therefore, we can see it is a natural process with the development of science.


1. I want to ask two days’ leave because I need to be physically examined.
2. May I have your attention, please, everybody? I have an announcement to make.
3. I am writing to thank you for having given me so much help.

4. When I arrived at your home, you happened to be out, so I left the message.
5. I am writing to make an apology to you for what I have said about you and what I have done to you.


1. My home is not far from here; it is only two blocks (away from here).
2. The bookstore is right on the left side of the street.
3. The museum is on the opposite side of the street.

4. There is a beautiful garden lying in the middle of the square.
5. There will be a strong wind to the north of the Huai River.
6. They live next door to us. They are our next-door neighbors.
7. Ireland is a large island in Europe.

8. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom while the rest of the island makes up the Republic of Ireland.
9. The Ireland just west of Britain is called Ireland.
10. Between Britain and Ireland, in the Irish Sea, lies the small Isle of Man.
11. The British Isles are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the North Sea to the east.
12. The largest island is called Britain, which is separated from France by the English Channel, which at one point is only 20 miles wide.

13. A new factory is to be located on this site.
14. The information office is located in the city center.
15. Behind it you will find a white building. That’s the library where you can find the very book.
16. The village is situated in a valley.

17. Where will the school be located?
18. This is a beautiful situation overlooking the valley.
19. That is the right direction of the site.
20. Go/walk straight until you find the traffic lights/reach a crossroads. Turn right, and you will find a bus stop.


21. In recent years, studying abroad has been popular.
22. There are several reasons for it.
23. I don’t think it is good for a child to begin learning a foreign language at a rather early age.
24. We have two main reasons why we are against it.

25. This should be done under others’ guidance/with others’ help.
26. To value time is to value life.
27. One of the reasons is that most of us cannot afford it.

28. It has some advantages as well as disadvantages.
29. Every coin has two sides.
30. As far as we know, it is of great benefit to our health and study.
31. We should arrange it scientifically.

32. Only in this way, can we solve the problem.
33. Recently we have had a heated discussion about whether we should have more time for out-of-class activity.
34. Opinions are divided into two parts.

35. They hold the view/opinion that students should take part in more social practice.
36. 30% of them are against/for the idea (that….)
37. They think it necessary to do so.

38. On the other hand/on the contrary/however, 65% of them insist that computer games be forbidden, even on weekends.
39. In conclusion, most people are in favor of the plan.
40. What is your opinion?


1. It is very important to live in harmony with one another/each other.
2. We must learn to get on well with others.
3. Noise pollution is more serious than before.

4. People should realize the serious situation.
5. The government should take immediate and necessary measures to deal with the problem.
6. In recent years costs in colleges and universities/hospitals tend to increase.
7. Though burdens/loads on farmers’ shoulders are reduced, yet most of them still have financial problem in sending their children to colleges or universities.

8. Costs should be reduced reasonably.
9. Students can have different ways to pay for their schooling.
10. They can win a scholarship through hard work.
11. Also, bank loan is another way.

12. Besides, they can take a suitable part-time job when necessary.
13. What’s more, our government can offer allowance to poor students for their life and study.
14. Planting trees is another effective way to prevent sand and sandstorms.
15. Take action before it is too late/we regret.

16. Something small may cause a big/great disaster.
17. We can learn to be independent.
18. We must do by ourselves what we can do.
19. If everyone had paid enough attention to the problem, we would not have been trapped in such a difficult position.

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